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Laser cutting
The fiber laser cutting machine cutting the CPU case  plate.The hi-technology sheet metal

Kline has 2 CO2 lasers located in our main facility.  


  • Trumpf 4000 Watt laser (82"x160" max sheet size)

  • Trumpf 3000 Watt automated load/unload (60"x120" max sheet size) 


  • Aluminum  (.040" up to .250") 

  • Steel  (.040" up to 0.75")

  • Stainless  (0.040" up to 0.5")

A Man Welding

With 11 weld cells located in both facilities, Kline is able to support small prototype projects to strategic programs.

Mig and Tig welding utilizing Miller and Lincoln welders.

CNC Punching
Rotation CNC Punching & Nibbling Machine in action. Metal perforating industrial machine..

Kline has 2 punches located in our main facility.

  • Trumpf Trupunch 3000 - capable of stamping sheet sizes up to (60"x120")​​

  • Weidman C2000 - capable of stamping sheet sizes up to (40"x48")


Thicknesses up to:

Stainless - 11 Ga 

Steel  - 0.1875"

Aluminum - 0.25"

Worker operator bending metal sheet process by sheet bending machine for bus manufactuing

6 Tumpf press brakes

  • up to 190 tons

  • 14' length

  • 8 axis

Ercolina Tube Bender with programable bend angle

Rolling - Power Rolls 8' width

CNC water jet cutting machine modern industrial technology..jpg

2 Omax 80x Water Jet with 60° Angle tilt

Bed size 72" x 144"

Solidworks photo.JPG

Utilizing the latest CAD software Kline is able to help our customers achieve project goals and assist in design for manufacturability by relying on over 40+ yrs of forming, welding and fabricating experience.

Powder Coating & Wet Paint
Spray paint product powder coating.jpg

Wet Paint - Our in-house heated paint booth allows us to utilize racking systems to turn small lots quickly.

Powder Coat - using our strategic local suppliers Kline is able to turn parts from Fab to Finish in a relative short time frame. 

Turnkey Fabrication Solutions
Liquid filling and bottle capping machine for industry. Beverage factory use automation an

Kline is able to handle your project from Concept to Production with our turnkey solutions which include Design, Fabrication, Assembly, and Delivery.

  • Onsite Consultation & Engineering Services

  • Prototyping - Quick Turn

  • Assembly & Weldments

  • Finishing Solutions

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